Following is a list of movies and documentaries about religion or atheism that have been recommended many times in various posts on r/atheism.


Science and Knowlege

Biology and Evolution


NukeThePope’s video list

A compilation of youtube atheist videos (only original content)

TV, Speeches, Talks & Debates

Following is a list of TV shows, recorded speeches, talks or debates about religion or atheism by prominent or renowned Atheist speakers.
{List is in no particular order}

  • 500+ Atheism vs. Theism Debates watch
  • Why are you not a Christian?.. (Interview with Bertrand Russell) watch
  • A Universe not made for us (Carl Sagan) watch
  • The View From The End Of The World (Talk by Sam Harris) watch
  • The Clash between Faith & Reason in the Modern World (Talk by Sam Harris) watch
  • Sam Harris: Can Science Determine Human Values? part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7
  • Richard Dawkins on Militant Atheism (2002 TED talk) watch
  • Richard Dawkins demonstrates laryngeal nerve of the giraffe/evidence for evolution watch
  • Richard Dawkins: Root of all evil? (2006 UK TV Special) watch
  • Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion (2006 UK TV Special) watch
  • Richard Dawkins: The Enemies of Reason (2007 UK TV Special) watch
  • Richard Dawkins: Faith Schools menace? (2010 UK TV Special) watch
  • The Four Horsemen (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens & Harris) (2008) watch
  • Debate: The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world (Christopher Hitchens & Stephen Fry vs. Ann Widdecombe & Archbishop John Onaiyekan) watch
  • Debate: Is religion a force for good in the world? (Christopher Hitchens vs. Tony Blair) watch
  • Freedom of Speech (Christopher Hitchens) watch
  • On Religion (Christopher Hitchens) watch
  • On God or Gods (Carl Sagan) watch
  • Pale Blue Dot (Carl Sagan) watch
  • A Universe from Nothing (Lawrence Krauss) watch
  • Godless in America – The Madalyn Murray O’Hair story watch
  • Interview (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)watch part1 part2 mirror
  • Atheism: Jonathan Miller’s Brief History of Disbelief (2004) Part1 Part2 Part3
  • The Atheism Tapes 1 – Colin McGinn (2004) watch
  • The Atheism Tapes 2 – Steven Weinberg (2004) watch
  • The Atheism Tapes 3 – Daniel Dennett (2004) watch
  • The Atheism Tapes 4 – Arthur Miller (2004) watch
  • The Atheism Tapes 5 – Richard Dawkins (2004) watch
  • The Atheism Tapes 6 – Denys Turner (2004) watch
  • Something From Nothing (Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss) (2012) watch
  • Human Beings & Ultimate Origin Debate (Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams, Anthony Kenny) (2012) watch
  • Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus (David Fitzgerald) (2010)* watch
  • *
  • An Interview with Robert Price concerning his book, ‘The Case Against the Case for Christ’: A rebuttal of Lee Strobel listen
  • A History of God: Karen Armstrong full documentary summary

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  1. M. Rodriguez says:

    this is a nice collection

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