Room Rules

We hope you enjoy your experience in our chat room and look forward to making it a place for many people to come to and interact.

General Room Rules:

  1. Two minutes on mic when hands are raised. (Click Here for a 2 Minute Timer)
  2. Watch the text when on the mic, an admin will notify you if you have gone over the time limit.
  3. Do not play music on the mic.
  4. Do not perform religious rituals on the mic; praying, incantations, etc.
  5. Ask the room (admins) for permission to play an audio clip on the mic. Please keep it on topic and short.
  6. Do not jump the mic. If you are using PalTalk Express or a mobile app and cannot see the mic queue, please ask an admin the order for the mic.
  7. No spamming.
  8. No recording the audio without expressed consent from the participants.
  9. No excessive insults.
  10. No overt sexual language.
  11. Be courteous to your fellow chatters.
  12. Room disruptions will be dealt with at the discretion of the admins.

Course of Action:

  • 2 warnings either verbal or in text (except in response to a mic jump) will be given.
  • A red-dot will be applied if the actions continue after the warnings.
  • The warning will be repeated and the dot will be removed at the discretion of the admins.
  • If the action continues the chatter may be bounced from the room.

One-on-One Debates:

One admin will moderate and another will act as the timer.  The mic will be unavilable to other chatters, they are welcome to type in the text chat during the debate.

Each debater will recieve:

  • 2 minute opening statements
  • 1 minute rebuttals
  • 2 minute closing remarks
  • If you would like to be in a one-on-one debate, please contact an admin or OliviaMoon.


  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact an admin for support.

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