December 28th Meeting

If Matt Slick comes in the room, Cool has asked that no one else address him.

CoolPseudonym3: i wish to have complete access to matt, without others condemning him. i request that we tell the room if they speak during that time that they’ll be dotted (undotted immediately, of course). if matt won’t talk with me, then i’ll let him go and tell the room to feel free

Dotting and bouncing levels are going great! Remember to have patience and dot first and let the chatter sit with a dot for awhile before we give them a second chance.

Remind your friends and family: NEW YEARS EVE MUSIC NIGHT! Come play your favorite jams and party with the believers and non believers!

We’ll be cleaning up the admin list, If you are a former admin and would like your hat back please talk with a room owner. We’re only removing hats on people we haven’t seen in the room for several months.

Good work everyone, we’re getting a lot of new names into the room!


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