Rules for Admins

  • Do not leave the room just to get your hat to dot or bounce someone.
  • Do not dot for personal/emotional reasons.
  • Dot first and remind them of the rule they broke then Undot the chatter.
  • Bounce if the chatter did not stop breaking the rules after being dotted and reminded 3 times.
  • If Dotting for time please let them know on the mic.
  • Red dot for personal attacks and redirect back to the argument
  • Keep admin business in whispers or private message.
  • Redirect conversation to avoid gutter talk/ trash talking.
  • Rotate admins. We don’t want too many in the room at once.

Past Meeting Notes:

Admin Meeting 7/13/2013

Impromptu Admin Meeting

Admin Meeting 8/3/2013

November 2013 Admin Meeting

December 2013 Admin Meeting

December 28 2013 Admin Meeting


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