This blog is the Believers vs. Non-Believers PalTalk room venue for posting room news & events as well as news of the religious/non-religious world in general.

Get an account on PalTalk.com then find us in the Religion & Spirituality / Christianity section.

Paltalk Room Guidelines

  • 2 minutes on the microphone when hands are raised.
  • No gutter chat or excessive insults on mic. 2 minute dots will be given for violations.

One-On-One Debates

  • If you would like to be in a one-on-one debate, please contact OliviaMoon or an admin in our Paltalk room.

Have you written an article you’d like posted to the blog?

We’d love to have you as a contributor to the blog! If you have an article you’d like to have posted please send an email to believervsnonbelievers2@gmail.com Please include a name and any bio information you’d like included with your post. If the article  is relevant to the topics we discuss we will post it!

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