If you understand Evolution is a fact, why are you still a Christian?


Are you a Christian that excepts evolution as fact?

If you understand that evolution is a fact then you understand Adam and Eve never existed.

Without the original sin of Eve, there is no need for Christ to exist.

So, why are you still a Christian?

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3 Responses to If you understand Evolution is a fact, why are you still a Christian?

  1. achapin3 says:

    It is astounding how many people conform to ancient ideologies that are not fact based. Neil DeGrass Tyson said it best when he mentioned in one of his lectures..” every time in history when religion got involved in science we had almost a complete halt in learning about the physical world”. When great thinkers like Aristotle reached their ceiling of understanding they defaulted to religion until technology caught up with human thought.
    I mean we no longer throw virgins into a fiery volcano do we? No because we learned through science how it works. Once you take the mystery out of the equation it is no longer mysticism. It took the Catholic church 75 years to finally admit to its following that the earth is not the center of the galaxy and that we orbit the sun like all the other planets. Galileo was still imprisoned in his home for the duration of his life, you know as punishment for challenging the church on education.
    Thank goodness there are still people who are willing to think for themselves and experiment, study, question, and above all……believe only that which can be proven. I mean if you are a type of person who has to have rules of behavior such as the 10 commandments to make you a good person, then by all means stay with it please…….

  2. margaretsdaughter says:

    Not to nit-pick, but it was Adam’s fault. LOL 🙂

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