Atheists are not only good WITHOUT god, they are BETTER


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4 Responses to Atheists are not only good WITHOUT god, they are BETTER

  1. shematwater says:

    So, here is one article that would seem to refute the post.
    Maybe the stats quoted are speaking of the ‘nominally religious’ as the article describes.

    Then there is this one that seems to agree with the post.
    However, the study used for this article doesn’t seem to distinguish between the religiously devoted and the ‘nominally religious’ as the previous article does.

    Of course, here is a third one that agree with the first.
    So, which was used to support the claim made here? Let us see the study so that we may evaluate it.

  2. shematwater says:

    I am just curious where the statistics are coming from.

    • DeltaV says:

      Aren’t you curious enough to Google it yourself? Link us to what you find.

      • shematwater says:

        Oh, I will be looking up statistics in the next few days. But that does very little good. Unless I know which statistics were used as the basis of this post I cannot make any direct links between it and what I find.

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