What you have is FICTION that you WANT to believe.


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2 Responses to What you have is FICTION that you WANT to believe.

  1. Agellius says:

    What you’re overlooking is the fact that God is an immaterial being, whereas we’re physical beings. The problem this presents is that physical beings can only perceive physical things. Therefore we can never, even in principle, know that God exists in the same way we know that other human beings exist, that is by experiencing them in physical ways through sight, hearing, touch, etc. Therefore assent to God’s existence can only be by way of belief in his existence, either through rational processes or by direct spiritual experience.

    Even if a being appearing in physical form performed physical miracles and wonders, that still would not constitute proof that he is the non-physical, non-contingent, omniscient and omnipotent being who is the cause of all that exists. It might be obvious that he is some kind of a supernatural being, but it still would require faith on our parts to believe that he possessed all of the aforementioned attributes. After all, how could you possibly prove such things?

    How could I know that this being claiming to be all-powerful, really is all-powerful? He may demonstrate beyond a doubt, by performing various feats, that he is powerful. But there is an infinite gulf between “powerful” and “all-powerful”. Similarly, how could I know whether this being claiming to be God is really omniscient? He may be able to answer any question I have, but that doesn’t prove he can answer any question whatever. And how would I know that his answers were correct? The only answers we could verify are those to which we already knew the answers.

    Believing these things would require taking his word for it. Or in other words, faith.

  2. Itsmine says:

    Ohh dear gr8est 1 !!everything is explained in very few words!! Is that yours or you had shared it?..just asking to be sure…Caz I rarely came across these kind of excellent thoughts.!!

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