There’s not a single religion that can survive the two words, ‘prove it’


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15 Responses to There’s not a single religion that can survive the two words, ‘prove it’

  1. learner99 says:

    Islams proof is its book, the Quran. There is no book like it. The way it’s written, and how it is organized numerically. No man can write a book like it. It even challenges all humans to write 10 pages similar to the ones in the Quran in sophistication and grammatical rules. And if anyone does complete the challenge, I myself will become athiest.

    • People say the same thing about other holy writings, too. They claim that the Bible is “too well connected to have been written by so many people to make perfect sense.” (Personally, with all of the rewrites it has gone through by who-knows-who with writing style changes, etc., I have no idea how they can claim such a thing.)

      It is also said that the Bhagavad Gita is the same “mysterious way” of writing, so are you saying that Hinduism is the “perfect religion,” too?

  2. shematwater says:

    The funny thing is that Atheists can’t survive the demand for proof either, so there is little point in the statement to begin with.

    • It is not up to the Atheist to prove a negative. It IS, however, up to the theist who is demanding that their faith-based belief is fact to prove their claim.

      The atheist merely does not hold a faith-based belief in any deity. Nothing to prove.

      • shematwater says:

        It would only be up to us to prove our claim if it was our intention to prove it. Since I know of no person who has ever made a claim to proof or voiced the intention to prove anything, then it is not up to us to prove anything either.
        This argument depends of ones intention to convince others of their opinions or beliefs.

        In other words, if your intention is to convince people to not believe in God than you must prove to them that God does not exist. As you cannot do that than any attempt to prove your opinions right will always fail.

      • Sorry, but that is not what Atheism is about. It is not a claim that there is no God. It is merely a lack of a belief in a deity.

        It is the person who DEMANDS that their belief in God is true who must prove their claim. A person without a claim to make has nothing to prove, therefore, the proverbial ball is in your court, if you were to be a theist.

      • shematwater says:

        It would only be in my court if my intention was to convince you that there was a God. As that is not my intention I have no need to do anything.
        That is the problem. You say it is in my court, but I’m not even playing the game.

        On the other hand, you are demanding that I give up a belief in God. If you really were not making any claims than you wouldn’t be here. Your mere presence shows that you have a claim to make, and that claim is that there is no God.

        So, lets make this simple: What is your purpose in posts to this blog?

      • As I am a theist, I have no reason to claim there is no such thing as a deity. I am not demanding you give up any faith-based beliefs you may have.

        My sole purpose in this thread is to comment that, when someone demands that their faith-based belief is fact instead of what it really is, (faith-based beliefs) they are being dishonest.

        I mentioned the proverbial ball is in your court if you are, indeed, attempting to demand that a deity does exist. Nobody has come up with ANY empirical evidence for any such deity as of yet. Therefore, if you DO have anything, let it fly here. Who knows! Maybe you can get some cash award for such evidences.

        Any other questions you wish to ask?

      • shematwater says:

        I rarely demand anything. On occasion I attempt to gently persuade, but I never demand.

      • shematwater says:

        Oh, and on the same note, if an Atheist is going to demand that there is no God, they need to present empirical proof as well.

    • DeltaV says:

      What do atheists have to prove? All we’re doing is saying “NO” when you ask us “Do you believe a god character written in a book is actually real like I do?”

  3. The good news is that most theistic religions and all of the major non-theistic religions do not DEMAND that their religion is the right one for everyone. It seems only two of the three major Abrahamic faiths (Islam and Christianity) seem to demand such a concept.

    • tildeb says:

      But each make incompatible claims. That is a fatal problem.

      • Incompatible with what? Remember, people’s religious beliefs are their personal faith-based beliefs, so how can you say they are incompatible? If someone likes rocky road ice cream and another finds it detestable, is that incompatible or is it a personal choice?

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