People of faith can no longer be reasoned with, making them more dangerous than any sane man, good or evil.


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10 Responses to People of faith can no longer be reasoned with, making them more dangerous than any sane man, good or evil.

  1. shematwater says:

    People who think this have no clue what true faith is.

    • Atheism Defended says:

      True faith as opposed to regular faith? Just a higher degree of mental instability.

      • shematwater says:

        This only proves my point. I am not talking about religion, but a principle of action. Every action you take is based in faith, for without faith that the action will produce the desired result you would not perform the task.
        When a baseball pitcher throws a ball he is acting in faith that his body will move the way he wants it to, and that the ball will travel in the desired path. He cannot know this, for his body could suffer a serious injury in the performance of the throwing the ball that would cause the result to change.
        When a person drives a car they do it with faith that their knowledge and experience will allow them to operate the car effectively. They also have faith that the car will work as it should, and that other drivers won’t caused any problems either.
        Without faith we would do nothing. There would have been no scientific discovery, because no man would have had faith sufficient to believe that they could find the answer to the questions posed. There would be no industry, to creation of any kind.

        This is what true faith is. For a person to say they faith is the opposite of reason is to show a lack of understanding as to what faith is and how vital it is to all existence. To say that to act on faith is to deliberately deceive is to call all great inventions the result of deception.
        It is those who claim to use reason without faith who are deliberately deceiving themselves, and they are the ones who are dangerous.

      • AtheismDefended says:

        You have absolutely NO idea of what you’re talking about. Those examples (the baseball pitcher, driving a car) have NOTHING to do with faith! You can consider those and any other silly examples you try to use as the scientific methodology at work in very simplistic terms, ie: test, re-test, test again, keep repeating over and over. Your faith bs is nothing more than the same kind of blind faith a child has in believing a jolly fat guy will deliver presents to her on Xmas. I get sick and tired of the false equivalencies people like you spew out so much.

      • shematwater says:

        I know exactly what I am talking about. It is you who doesn’t understand life and existence. You are trying to limit faith to religion, and it is simply naive.
        Every action taken requires faith in something. That is reality, and to deny that is delusional.
        As to blind faith, I don’t think it exists. You mention a child’s faith in Santa Claus, but there is no blindness there. It is a very calculated faith, and one that is not shared by all children because not all children have the same experience.
        Consider the reasoning of child in believing in Santa Claus. They put out cookies, which are gone the next day. A number of presents seem to appear overnight. They reason to themselves that someone had to have eaten the cookies and brought the presents, which is a perfectly logical assumption. So, they ask their parents, whom they trust and believe with tell them the truth. Their parents tell them it is Santa Claus, and thus faith is Santa Claus is created. It is not blind, but thoroughly reasoned out to a logical conclusion based on the evidence that the children have available. Later in life other evidence becomes available and many children loose this faith, but that does not mean it was blind.

        Everyone has faith in something. I don’t care if it is God, the government, nature, or a host of other things that could be relied on. Faith is the principle of action in life, without which nothing would ever be done.

      • Atheism Defended says:

        You can make such unfounded blanket assertions forever but they still point to someone with cognitive dissonance mired in a delusion – you. Case closed.

      • shematwater says:

        Blanket statements are not always wrong, and if you were to ask any person of competent intellect they would agree with what I have said. It is you that has the dissonance, as you are unable to separate faith from religion; a true delusion.

      • Atheism Defended says:

        Yet another blanket assertion – people of competent intellect agree with your incredible bullshit? Sorry but your misuse of the word faith betrays your ignorance of the biblical meaning of the word. Pick up a bible already and look it up in Hebrews where it says the hope for THINGS NOT SEEN. In other words, Einstein, NON EMPIRICAL observations as opposed to those examples you distorted. But I forgive you since your delusion is exactly what Dr. Richard Dawkins describes.

      • shematwater says:

        I find it interesting that you assume that the Bible is the only place where one can find a definition of faith. You assume that everyone that speaks of faith must be a Christian, or must somehow draw their understanding from the Bible. That tells quite a bit about you.

        I know exactly what the Bible says. I have read it many times, and nothing that it says contradicts what I have said here.
        Actually, I prefer the way Joseph Smith explained it in the Lectures on Faith.

        “Q. What is faith?
        A. It is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen: Heb. 11:1. That is, it is the assurance we have of the existence of unseen things. And being the assurance which we have of the existence of unseen things, must be the principle of action in all intelligent beings…
        Q. How do you prove that faith is the principle of action in all intelligent beings?
        A. First, By duly considering the operations of my own mind…”

        You are failing to grasp the truth because you are trying to force limitations onto it that simply don’t apply.
        Faith is the hope of that which is not seen. So look at all the examples I have given and you will see a hope of that which is not yet seen, if you simply allow yourself to see it.
        A baseball pitcher, despite all the times in the past that he has pitched successfully, has not yet seen the pitch he is about to make, and thus he has hope in what he has not yet seen.
        A person driving a car has not yet seen the trip they are about to make, even if they have made many trips along the same route in the past, the current trip is still unseen.
        A child who puts out cookies remembers that in the past they have been eaten, but he has not yet seen these cookies eaten, and thus is again hoping for that which is not yet seen.

        You can quote the Bible all you want, but until you understand the words it will do you no good.

  2. Atheism Defended says:

    A-freaking-men! For those of us who have engaged with them for years we could have told you this years ago. They’re incredibly delusional – all of them with no exception.

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