Prayer: Like chronic gambling, you never talk about your losses


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4 Responses to Prayer: Like chronic gambling, you never talk about your losses

  1. connieann says:

    Maybe, but I’ve been on a chronic winning streak for 27 years. 🙂

    • DeltaV says:

      You are counting the wins and not the losses, and giving your god delusion all the credit. You would have the same wins and losses if you did not believe your god delusion actually existed. Don’t believe me? Prove it for yourself. Count your wins/losses for 1 month with your god delusion and then count them for a month without your god delusion. Then come back and show us your data. But you won’t do that because you just want to keep believing your god delusion has you on a 27 year winning streak because that’s easier and fluffier than facing the reality we all live in as it is.

      • connieann says:

        I could give you all the data in the world but you wouldn’t care or believe. And my reality is not pretty or fluffy. But neither is his- he suffered a gruesome death on a cross. God isn’t a fluffy comforting thing for the weak minded. It’s a difficult, trying challenge for those who are man enough to accept that they are not the be-all and end-all. It’s for those who are willing to accept their own crosses, rather than shrink away from all suffering. It’s for people who believe that there are things worth dying for. In all honesty, I believe that it is “easier and fluffier” to believe that there is no god and that we are our own masters, if you don’t mind me saying so. If you are truly interested in carrying on this discussion, check out my blog.

      • DeltaV says:

        I do care Connie, that’s why I spent time writing what I did. I might believe if you had convincing data. But you have decided to not even try what I suggested and continue believing someone else’s story without verifying it.

        As for continuing this discussion, you are welcome to join us in our Believer vs. Non-Believer Paltalk room or on our Facebook page

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