Child Abuse


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6 Responses to Child Abuse

  1. Tim says:

    Hell doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t have anything to do with disobeying. It has to do with not accepting a free gift. Christians still disobey, but they don’t go to hell.

    • Two issues: First, is not a gift already free? Why would you call it a “free gift”?

      Second, are you saying Jews and Muslims, who worship the same deity, would go to hell because they do not accept God’s “free gift”? What about the Hindu? What about the Animist?

    • DeltaV says:

      So if we don’t “accept a free gift” we are to be burned and tortured forever? I don’t call that a gift, I call that A THREAT… obviously invented to SCARE YOU in to believing. Obviously in your case it worked.

  2. Itsmine says:


  3. Strange, isn’t it! Something to be said about “freedom of religion” – it makes “freedom FROM religion” look so much better. Thankfully, you never hear of Buddhists threatening their kids with “If you disobey me again, you will be reincarnated metaphorically 30,000 more times just in THIS lifetime!”

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