Gideons says their purpose is to hand out bibles and proselytize, even at disasters like Nepal


A friend from the BvNB Paltalk room contacted Jeff Pack of Gideon International ( and asked about their purpose in sending bibles to locations recently devastated by disaster or disease and if that is their ONLY form of “philanthropy.”

It’s not so much a rule – it’s just not our purpose. Our purpose is to share God’s Word through personal witnessing and copies of the Bible and New Testaments. Since 1899 this has been our soul purpose around the world. With disasters it is up to our local members as to how to best handle. I hope this helps! JP

My BvNB friend commented on Jeff’s reply:

They clearly CHOOSE to NOT help with food and medication, and in my reply to the guy I expressed how pointless and useless their organization is, and reminded them that the Jesus character said “feed the hungry” not send out bibles. Anyways… there you go.

If any of you want to ask Jeff Pack from Gideon International any more questions about their “philanthropy policy”, you can email him at We welcome you to submit any responses you receive here in the comment area of this post.

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11 Responses to Gideons says their purpose is to hand out bibles and proselytize, even at disasters like Nepal

  1. ICare says:

    Why do you have to put such misguided titles? No one sent any bibles to Nepal!
    The article first featured in the lapine which is a satire magazine.(The article has been removed)

  2. Yes and please neglect the fact that the Vatican sent money to Nepal

    • tildeb says:

      $100,000 and prayers. Every little bit helps, of course. But to put the Vatican’s response in perspective, The King and Queen of Thailand sent more than three times this… without the prayers. And the Mennonites have dwarfed both but this too is being ‘ignored’. So many victims, not least of which is the Catholic Church, right?

      • like you said every little helps.. but the fact that recently on several sites I read offenses on the church and prayers.. and i wanted to make this clear.. The vatican gave money and the christians prayed let them what are they doing wrong ?? these prayers in their thought will give hope.. as well as many volunteers there that in addition to materialistic benefits they are encouraging citizens there emotionally… not mentioning the fact that the church is one of the largest charity organizations..

      • tildeb says:

        Praying is identical in effect to doing nothing and the reference to “neglect” for others failing to mention the donation is a sly reference to the Catholic Church being victimized, which is absurd.

        People – not religion – respond to tragedy and catastrophe. To grant to religion this urge to help, to respond with actions that do help, belittles people and transfers responsibility for their compassion and caring actions to some imaginary sky daddy as if it and not the people doing the actions, doing the helping, was the compassionate and caring one. That’s insulting. To then add this notion that religion is beleaguered by lack of praise for its theft of people’s compassion and caring is doubly so.

        You want to give? Then give. Help? Then help… but save the ridiculous notion that intercessory prayer is worthy of praise for its helping quality (zero evidence for this delusional and magical thinking) for those credulous and gullible people who feel they would go forth, rape, pillage, and murder without some divine Dear Leader charging his Thought Police to keep an eye on us. That’s not a notion worthy of praise; it’s ridiculously childish and ignorant worthy of scorn and derision.

        Why not help because it’s the right thing to do, that such actions are worthy for their own merit rather than out of some sense of earning divine brownie points and then feeling peeved when the rest of us don’t go along with the charade?

      • first of I did not say that the Catholic Church is a victim. Second of all praying for you means nothing while for the religious man means the world.. let everyone do what they want if they are not harming anyone..third of all of course people respond to tragedy.. everyone is drived by something… and a part of those people grouped themselves and went to help because of their religion.. religion doesn’t mean god.. and when praising the church we mean because it helped no matter who helped and how we will praise them..
        and finally what’s right to you may not be the same in other parts of the world.. assuming that every civilization is like the other is silly.. (oh and btw this “right thing to do” came from hundreds of years of social and political development that theorists participated in which their primary influence was the bible)

      • tildeb says:

        Want to play this word game? Fine. When you say, “please neglect the fact that the Vatican sent money to Nepal.” you are making a sly reference to being a victim to some intentional slight, that because this reference was neglected (meaning “Not pay proper attention to; disregard:” OED), the author had failed to pay proper attention. As I pointed out, the amount of proper attention is zero when shown by comparison to be so little by such a rich organization that pretends its proper place is at the pinnacle of human morality… a necessary claim to justify it being the only proper gatekeeper to heaven. that it. So although you didn’t say the CC was a victim, you certainly implied it because it was the object of neglect. If you didn’t mean this, you would not have used the disreputable term to make your snide comment.

        As for prayer, give it a rest. Trying to justify the CC’s donation was a small amount of money but a large amount of prayer in practical terms means it was a small amount of money. That’s it. One is not being neglectful to fail to praise this prayer (doing nothing) if one recognizes the fact of the utter uselessness of prayer in any quantity.

        One can do good for the wrong reasons but that is not a cause for doing good. It’s an accidental byproduct that is just as likely to produce harm. Good reasons is far more preferable and should be respected as such. For example, I wouldn’t blame the church for priests buggering children, but your reasoning suggests that the priest’s buggering is caused by the church in the same way that I wouldn’t praise the church for believers helping the people of Nepal but by your reasoning suggests the good works is caused by the Church. You can’t have it both ways, TWG, but if you insist…

        I love believers naive enough to suggest that ‘the right thing to do’ comes from the bible. That’s so stupid it burns because the list of behaviours any moral person would find reprehensible we’ll find being defended in the bible. That runs from genocide to child rape, from slavery to murder. The bible is a one stop source for whatever immorality you wish to support. The right question to ask yourself is how YOU can control yourself not to engage in the kind of behaviours your god likes to commit and call it ‘the right thing to do’. The social and political development you speak about was in conflict with the Church you love so dearly and came about by defeating its secular power and replacing its theocratic bullying and brutality with enlightenment values in governance and law. You can thank your local atheists and deists for all the rights you enjoy today and offer them praise and thanks that they had courage of their anti-biblical convictions to allow you to be considered an autonomous, responsible citizen rather than another mewling and regurgitating sheep of the morally bankrupt institution that is the Church of Rome.

        You’re welcome.

      • First of all.. i meant when you take something out of context and neglect the good part just because you want the CC to look bad is pathetic and silly.. the church sent prayers and money because it know the importance of both..
        second if something doesn’t mean anything to you, it isn’t necessarily to be useless.. these prayers worth a lot to religious people, and who told you i am justifying the “small donation” go search how much money does the church donate and how much Institute does it run and how much expenses does it have.. i don’t know why are you arguing.. i mean we both agree that every little help so the CC donated.. along with prayers.. so neglect the prayers (as long as they aren’t doing any harm) and focus on the money.
        third of all.. you can’t praise the church for the same reason you can’t blame it (for priests rapist). that is stupid.. for a simple reason that the church demanded(agree) that people help while it did not demand(agree) to these rapes.. these religious people that helped are driven by their faith( influenced by the church) while the rapist aren’t.. simply because the CC have a head figure and organized so everybody could see what they agree on and what they doesn’t…
        finally bible defend murders..etc ?? did you even looked at it ?? the last time i read it i saw “forgive your enemy” and “love your neighbor”.. but i think you people wouldn’t miss a chance to bash the church.. i think that anyone (believer or not) would agree that Jesus was a very peaceful and wise man (based on his teachings).. just like everything religion can be used to do good or to bad.. and may influence the person positively or negatively depend on the person and his surrounding
        and i was defended the church now in this century (i don’t know why it seems like you people are living in the medieval times).. just like when you talk about germany you don’t mean the nazis..(where is the logic in your argument :/)
        and i need to thank atheists ?? supposing that is true (which is not because most of the important figures in human rights are and were religious) and going with your logic maybe you take a moment and thank Christianity and the CC and Judaism because the most important scientists were followers..
        but Instead i will thank everyone that fought for human rights regarding their beliefs because i do not fuc**** label people by their religion.
        and TC

      • Roop Sharma says:

        In contrast India opened its purse, and it is not known how much money has been spent.

      • tildeb says:

        As have many people and governments without asking for brownie points from some divine Dear Leader..

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