Christian Love


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6 Responses to Christian Love

  1. vonleonhardt2 says:

    I am of the opinion those in the pews are far better atheist than the ones that refuse to sit in them.

      • vonleonhardt2 says:

        Well, those that get mad at a message or feel a need to reject it at some level take it seriously. Those ISIS boys that shot the Ethiopians must feel there is enough truth in the Jesus thing to both feel threatened and to try and stomp it out. They are much more similar to the Ethiopians who think there is enough truth to Jesus to die for it than people think. When the metal hits the meat both lay their cards down. Normsl Atheist are similar, in that they take the truth claims as a serious enough challenge to try and posit a counter truth.

        Now, the folks I’m talking about find no truth in it. So they can go through the motions and pay lip service because whatever they do, no truth is there to really demand anything of them. They treat it as so cheap, that they can wrap their own ideas around with it because it can’t challenge them.

        These are the ones that typically gravitate towards a single issue they care about anyways, like therapeutic religion, and really hate the out-groups because one they inconvenience them (cardnial sin that). Moreover the outgroup sees a truth in the religion enough to debate it but don’t accept it. Which for such people who don’t see truth but accept it makes no sense.

      • tildeb says:

        Sorry, vlh2, I don’t follow your thinking here. Atheist means someone who doesn’t believe in gods or a god so why would those people sitting in pews be better non believers than ones who don’t?

  2. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw from Texas:

    “If you ain’t Christian, you ain’t sh*t”

    How compassionate.

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