The Noah’s Ark Park would be the first theme park to celebrate an act of mass genocide


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9 Responses to The Noah’s Ark Park would be the first theme park to celebrate an act of mass genocide

  1. If that is built, I want to see Ken Ham fit on it the following.

    Eight humans
    Two of each unclean animal
    Seven of each clean animal
    Seven of each bird
    Two of each insect
    Two life sized scale models of every known dinosaur

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  3. You have to hand it to these people. They are ‘proud’ of their god and want to dedicate a park to the last time he killed all of humanity except for one family. You have to give them credit, if that isn’t enough the book says that rainbows are a sign he won’t ever flood the world again. So to show you the power of their god they picked an incident/story that can be directly contradicted. Read Genesis 9. Their god puts rainbows in the sky, didn’t you know. I think they should be selling themed bbq equipment in this park. After all, it was this point in time that their god said we could eat meat, then had Noah stoke a fire and burn some animal flesh for the god. It’s a celebration of back yard cook outs is what it is.

  4. If the God of Abraham were so ingenious, instead of killing off nearly every plant and animal on this earth, why would God not just simply create a virus or some other entity which would kill only humanity, remembering to give the Noah family an inoculation against this virus? Nope! The Bible demands that even the bloody Boston Fern had inherited this so-called “sin nature” and needs to be eradicated as well.

    For a deity being all of the “all words”, it seems to lack the ability to think very clearly. (Makes me almost proud to NOT be a Christian! – I thought the story of a bald guy getting all hurt because he was being teased by CHILDREN, that God sends two she-bears to shred these 42 kids into pieces better than any product invented by Ron Popiel!

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