The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways


FYI: GOOD works in NON-mysterious ways. A helpful reminder from an Atheist.

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5 Responses to The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

  1. Hmm interesting. I believe this happens because Satan covers up the existence of God through worldly materials to some individuals. Suffering exist so people may come to know Christ.

  2. Jesus came to the least among us. If they suffer it’s because we don’t follow His example.

    • tildeb says:

      So, if there’s suffering – and there is always, always, always suffering in a biosphere predicated on the prey/predator system – then you’re telling us we can never follow His example and so <i.we are the source of this never-ending suffering. We can try but know beforehand that will always, always, always encounter suffering and so we’ll know we’ve always caused it. What a distorted view that cannot help but produce deep psychoses, interpersonal dysfunction, and psychological harm.

      I sincerely hope you have no contact with children.

      This twisted tidbit of yours reminds me of the Hitch’s point: according to many religious traditions and beliefs, we are made broken and divinely commanded to be whole on pain of eternal damnation. That’s sick. And it’s sick because that kind of Master fits the very definition of a sadomasochist… and you think we should worship such a divine monster? How astoundingly warped is the mind infected by the religious meme? Well… there’s this…

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