Texas lawmaker refuses to meet with constituents who don’t share her views, staff says it is ‘a waste of time’


Texas state representative is refusing to meet with the constituents who will be the most impacted by legislation she has proposed.

State Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) has proposed legislation that would allow businesses to refuse to serve customers on religious grounds. The first-year Republican lawmaker has also proposed legislation seeking to make the state’s ban on same-sex marriage immune from court rulings.

“Marriage is a Holy union of one man and one woman created and ordained by God. There is no other definition. As a Christian, I am guided by God’s Word,” she explained in a statement.

But White’s staff has said trying to discuss the issues with her “would be a waste of time.”

The Temple Daily Telegram reported last week that White’s staff had initially greeted Frank Carlson of Equality Texas, before turning him away upon learning who he represented.

Her staff told Carlson, who works on behalf of the largest LGBT rights organization in Texas, to “drop off your literature and leave.” White’s staff informed Carlson that the lawmaker “is against anything LGBT.”

“I conveyed that the representative has stances on some issues and that she isn’t likely to change her mind on them,” White’s chief of staff Hannah Bell told the Temple Daily Telegram. “We try to be a transparent office and I told them that they needed to meet with individuals that shared their viewpoint.”

Janet Adamski, a political science professor at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, noted that lawmakers are not required to meet with their constituents, but refusing to talk to a constituent because of their views runs contrary to the purpose of being of representative.

“When a person is governing they are governing for the entire community, not just those who voted for them,” Adamski told the Temple Daily Telegram.

White previously made national news by instructing her staff to make Muslims visiting her office declare their allegiance to the United States. “We will see how long they stay in my office,” White remarked on Facebook.

“Today is Texas Muslim Capital Day in Austin. The House is in recess until Monday. Most Members including myself are back in District. I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws. We will see how long they stay in my office.”

“Isn’t it amazing when you stand for America, our allies and against terrorism how much vile and angry responses you get? I will never cow to anti Americanism and extremists.”

“Folks, I am banning users that are insulting and not in my District. I do not apologize for my comments above. If you love America, obey our laws and condemn Islamic terrorism then I embrace you as a fellow American. If not, then I do not.”

Fabiana Ezcurra replied on Molly’s Facebook post,

“I am a Christian and would not be in your damn office for a second, Racist Islamophobic American zionist- makes me want to vomit.”

Mike Anderson commented:

“I believe you took a loyalty oath to support and defend the constitutions of the state of Texas and the United States – NOT Leviticus. Perhaps you should review your responsibilities as an elected official.”

via Texas lawmaker refuses to meet with constituents who don’t share her views, staff says it is ‘a waste of time’.

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4 Responses to Texas lawmaker refuses to meet with constituents who don’t share her views, staff says it is ‘a waste of time’

  1. It’s crazy that she’s being so cruel to so many people, yet simultaneously thinks she’s doing the right thing.

  2. John Bestille says:

    Blame her constituents for voting her into office…closed minded and insensitivity should no longer be tolerated.

  3. So, this person’s philosophy is to only be an “ass-kisser” to those who will vote for her, forgetting that by talking with others, she might be able to get more people to vote for her instead?

    What is this bit of “marriage being between one man and one woman” only? Did they forget about Abraham? How about Solomon? If memory serves, he only had a total of 900 wives and concubines. What about King David? What about where the bible says that, if a man rape a woman, he can just pay 50 coins and she is your wife?

    I guess what Jesus taught about “love one another as you love yourself” does not apply . . . or she does not love herself.

    • DeltaV says:

      It’s worse. She only sees people in her office, AND votes for legislation, that agrees with her THEOLOGY. This is why I posted this article. I’m seeing this is how many religious people are running things once in government. She is getting a LOT of flack on her Facebook page, and rightfully so. http://www.facebook.com/TexansforMolly

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