You wanted proof god doesn’t exist? Done.


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3 Responses to You wanted proof god doesn’t exist? Done.

  1. Or where atheists Josef Stalin and Mao just wicked men?

  2. Atheists Josef Stalin and Mao did that very same thing to 10’s of millions of their own people.

    Were Josef Stalin and Mao, God?

    • Atheism Defended says:

      Oh Pulleesssee with the false arguments or moving the goalposts as we call it. Their non theism had NOTHING to do with their POLITICAL actions. And even if they did those things directly because of their non beliefs, they pale in comparison with the various religious cults like yours who are responsible for over 800 MILLION deaths during the past 2 millennia. Source:

      Stalin spent years in Seminary studying for the priesthood before changing career choices. Could we say Catholics are guilty of millions of deaths? Also, when he initially took power, the Russian Orthodox church supported him!! In fact, just recently they were trying to approve a calendar with his picture dressed in religious garb on it.

      Any comments about what I just posted? I’ll die from shock if you’re honest and concede my points. None of you ever concede anything which is a sign of a delusional person(s)

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