Bart D. Ehrman: The Case Against the Resurrection

New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman lays out the problems with taking the resurrection stories seriously from a historical perspective. If you are interested in a list of contradictions in the resurrection accounts, check out the links below:……

Some additional facts about the New Testament that should cast doubt on it’s reliability:

All 4 canonical gospels are written by anonymous Greek-speaking Christians living 40-70 years after the death of Jesus, not by eye-witnesses:…

We have no original copies of any book in the New Testament, and most of the copies we have come from many centuries after the originals were lost:…

The new testament contains many contradictions:……….

and historical errors:…

The new testament may contain as many as 11 forgeries, letters that were written in the name of someone other than the person who actually wrote them (The term “pseudepigraphy” is often used instead of “forgery”, but the meaning is identical):………

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