This is your brain on creationism


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9 Responses to This is your brain on creationism

  1. Tim says:

    No creationist organization believes this, in fact we love dinosaurs.

  2. The brain on atheism:

    Everything just happened all by itself.

    • You really think a magic man who poofed itself into existence and decided to poof everything into existence with a magical incantation? You want us to believe that we are all descendants of a dirt man and a dirt man rib woman? You aware that Eve was a clone of Adam, and their children were products of incest and their children’s children were also the products of incest etc etc etc. You would have to be a brainless tard to not get that nature always finds its way to survive.

      Seriously grow the fuck up!

  3. This is quite sad when people ignore facts and decide to go with unsubstantiated claims of fantasy like this.

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