If cops did this they would be useless. So are your gods.


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3 Responses to If cops did this they would be useless. So are your gods.

  1. God isn’t a policeman therefore he doesn’t exist.

    Yet more atheist logic at work.

    • DeltaV says:

      The point (lost on you) is the allegorical policeman (or god) is a supposed authority/power figure that is ABLE to intervene but, while watching obvious crimes take place, CHOOSES NOT TO. The lesson here is, DO NOT WAIT for SilenceOfMind’s god/policeman character, or even SilenceOfMind himself, to help… they are TOO BUSY trying to hook you up with their religion. Everyone, even SilenceOfMind, needs to get ourselves out of difficult situations because NO GOD exists to help us. Silence does all the work but gives his god delusion all the credit.

      • Delta

        Okay, in your own words, “God is not an “allegorical policeman” therefore he doesn’t exist.

        Same atheist logic at work:

        You hallucinate a definition for God, assign that hallucination to your opposition and then demand that your opposition explain your hallucination.

        That is atheist logic at work.

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