The birthplace of god


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11 Responses to The birthplace of god

  1. Samuel Jacobs says:

    Birthday from god cannot be seen or touched because faith is more of something you feel

  2. tildeb says:

    Liar. You do not ‘reason out’ your god; this divine fiction comes from you filled in and adorned by your assertions, assumptions, suppositions, and then wrapped in the form of logic as if that ‘proves’ anything. You actually believe wafers and wine turn into flesh and blood by the magic of mumbling Latin words. That’s not ‘reason’ by any definition, SoM: that’s delusion… the denial of reality replaced by your imposed beliefs.

    In contrast, the atheist is honest. And that’s what you cannot stand because it reveals the scope of your own intellectual dishonesty needed to continue to believe as you do. And someone like you, who neither cares about what’s true not allows reality to adjudicate your beliefs about it, is nothing more and nothing less that a human brain demonstrating the effects of your Designer drug (blessed be His name).

    • tildeb,

      How do you reason out everything just happening all by itself?

      • tildeb says:

        SoM, when did you stop beating your wife?

      • tildeb,
        I guess me beating the wife you hallucinated for me is as good an explanation for everything just happening all by itself, as I’ll ever get out of an atheist.

      • tildeb says:

        It’s an allegorical question to yours that demonstrates the problem inherent in its poor phrasing.

      • tildeb,

        allegory – hallucination

        It’s all the same to an atheist.

      • tildeb says:

        No, SoM, it isn’t. It’s a use of language that is obviously out of your league… presumably because it doesn’t offer what you think is the proper amount of brute respect to your holy agency of Oogity Boogity! busy exercising POOF!ism. Go back to your supposedly literal cannibalism while complaining about how vile atheists are for pointing out how militant reality is.

  3. I use my brain to reason out the existence of God.

    The atheists uses his brain to hallucinate that everything just happened all by itself.

    • AtheismDefended says:

      When the other person called you a liar, he/she was being too kind. You accuse US of hallucinating when it is YOU and your insidious cult who the incredibly delusional with your Bronze age myths? One SHRED of evidence for your god, please. And NO, looking at our Universe is not evidence if one is to believe the 94% of our scientists who are non theist. Your turn now but be careful because I was in your cult for over 25 years and I know all the games you apologists play.

    • DeltaV says:

      Silenceofmind, how about listing the main steps you’ve concluded to reason out the existence of your god?

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