Does anyone notice a recurrent pattern here?


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7 Responses to Does anyone notice a recurrent pattern here?

  1. Justice M says:

    What are the sources for the maps?

  2. Tim says:

    Religious activity does not equal higher morality. In fact Jesus abhorred “religious activity”. Being a real Christian is about a relationship, not a duty we fulfill. Unfortunately most Christians do not understand this. They still think “if I do x+y+z, then I am right with God”. It is SOOO the other way around. You are right with God because of who He is and what He’s done. When you get to know that and get to know Him, then you WANT to do x, y, z.

    There are good and bad forgiven people, and there are good and bad unforgiven people. A lot of those unforgiven people are sitting in churches every Sunday.

    • AtheismDefended says:

      Oh please stop with the real xtians have the real truth blah blah blah. How about those of us who tried your delusion, for years, and found your dead messiah wanting? Also, he’s still dead. I’m sure you’ll gush with more of your testimony but please wait until I get my vomit bucket.

  3. tildeb says:

    And, of course, the correlation doesn’t stop here. It remains a strong negative correlation between a country’s religiosity and the rate of its population’s social behaviours regarding violence, social welfare, longevity, child mortality, teen pregnancies, criminal recidivism, sexually transmitted infections, and so on. But, to be clear, all of these behaviours must be considered of a higher moral dysfunction because, hey, religious people keep insisting that without its prescriptions for an objective moral standard from their god, social chaos and immoral behaviour will surely ensue and run rampant!

    Not only do these contrary rates reveal that this assertion has no basis in reality, the thing is that if the assertion were conceivably true, the inverse evidence should be overwhelming… that religiosity should be correlated to all kinds of reduced rates of social dysfunction.

    Bummer for them.

    But people do like to have certainty of faith in their counter-factual religious assertions. After all, why should believers cares about so trivial as reality when they already have The Truth (TM)?

  4. Linuxgal says:

    I was going to post that image myself, but I couldn’t find a high resolution one, and without it, some of the data is unexplained.

  5. AtheismDefended says:

    We call the red states (depicted in your picture) as JesusLand. I think you know why after looking at the picture.

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