Richard Dawkins: “If Science Worked Like Religion”

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4 Responses to Richard Dawkins: “If Science Worked Like Religion”

  1. tildeb says:

    Dawkins makes such excellent points. That you, SoM cannot understand nor appreciate them doesn;t change their excellence; it reveals the paucity of your intellect.

    • tildeb,

      You make the usual atheist claims and expect everyone to accept them without explanation:

      “Dawkins makes such excellent points.”

      Why does Dawkins make such excellent points?

      I know, just because you say so.

      Next comes another atheist staple, the personal attack:

      “That you, SoM…blah, blah, blah.”

      If you had an actual argument, you would be able to support your claims with simple reasoning.

      And if you had an intellect that had not been decimated by atheism you would understand what a logical fallacy is, and you would realize that ALL atheist arguments are based on some sort of assault on logic-based reason.

  2. Dawkins takes less than 50 seconds to present the logical fallacy upon which he bases his talk.

    That logical fallacy is commonly called, the false dichotomy.

    Dawkins expects us to believe the absolutely absurd notion that since religion doesn’t work like science, all religions must be rejected.

    That makes as much sense as saying since a car doesn’t work like a computer, all cars must be rejected.

    And since the atheist thinks, “Dawkins makes such excellent points,” what are we to conclude other than that atheism requires to complete rejection of logic-based reason?

    And since science is logic-based, that can only mean that atheism also requires the complete rejection of science.

  3. Dawkins makes such excellent points.

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