Believers terrify Atheists when they use this argument…


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6 Responses to Believers terrify Atheists when they use this argument…

  1. Tim says:

    No Christian is saying that atheists are not moral, we are only saying they don’t really have a coherent reason to be. If we are merely evolved apes, then why not do as the rest of the animal kingdom does? Why are humans soooo unique?? Ever really thought about it? We are the only ones building skyscrapers, exploring space, writing books, having debates, driving cars, and on and on and on and on… There is something VERY unique about humans and evolution can’t explain that.

  2. cl2eep says:

    Um, why in the world would you have to anthropomorphise nature in order to explain anything that happens to a creature within nature? Fuck, nature isn’t even a thing, it’s a word we use to describe the system of natural order. It’s an ethereal concept, of course it doesn’t have morals. You’re wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to start. First and foremost, atheists don’t have a belief in morals because atheism isn’t a belief system, it’s a refutation of other belief systems. For the sake of argument though, I’ll answer this from a Humanist perspective, because that’s what I am. Morality has evolved in man, and no we don’t see it in abstract concepts, but we do totally see it in OTHER ANIMALS which are of course, far more adequate comparisons. Bonobos, Wolves, Lions, pretty much any pack animal has a set of rules each member of the group lives under in order to keep the group from being torn apart. Sure, most animals don’t have morals which we would recognize as “good”, but they are moral systems nonetheless. Humans, being pack animals, have morals instilled in them by their parents at a very early age, no religion needed. This isn’t a conscious thing on the part of the child or the parent, it’s just something our brains have evolved to do. As for more specific morals, we don’t need any type of religion to guide us here, in fact, we get our morals from the same place that theists do. EMPATHY. We treat people in ways we would like to be treated. The end. The religious feel the same way, or at least ones who haven’t been indoctrinated so heavily that they suppress the twinges of guilt. Think of this, if god commanded you to kill your kid, would you do it? If you say no, congrats you have morals outside of your religion.

  3. How does Amanda know what atheists are routinely asked?

    In fact, Amanda, hallucinates an alternate universe, assigns it to Christians and then demands that Christians explain her hallucination.

    The fact is, atheists are able to act properly because they imitate Christian values.

    For atheists any sense of morality is necessarily monkey see, monkey do, because there is no morality in nature, only the advantage of the strong.

  4. AtheismDefended says:

    I couldn’t agree more. In fact, we Atheists live on the high ground of Morality in addition to proving Evolution to be true. Morality evolves along with our species.

    • Atheism,

      If morality evolved it would be present in other animals and nature in general.

      The fact is, nature has no morality.

      A tsunami can wipe out 200,000 thousand people and at the same time in another part of world, a child is born.

      Nature doesn’t care. It’s all the same.

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