How religions spread


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4 Responses to How religions spread

  1. thesumidaway says:

    I don’t know … but I think that Atheists don’t really like attending church. If their “church” spread across the country and proliferated for hundreds of years, the pictures might match the other two.

  2. The atheist re-write of history demonstrates that atheism is really about indoctrination and sophistry and not about the pursuit of truth.

    The Crusades were a response to the Jihad which had conquered lands that had been Christian for centuries.

    Also, Christianity was spread throughout the Roman Empire peacefully.

    • AtheismDefended says:

      What a load of crap! Yeah, the Christian cult spread peacefully since they killed all opponents. And no, it did not spread like wildfire as the church fathers’ myths suggest. By the end of the 1st century less than .04% of the people in the Roman territories were alleged believers. By the time Constantine sanctioned it and even made it a state religion only about 28% were alleged believers. But I say ‘alleged’ many who said they were believers merely did so in order to curry favor with the state, society, etc.

      • Atheism,

        Christianity was spread peacefully all over the Roman Empire for 500 years.

        The collapse of the Greco-Roman civilization left a gaping hole that the Catholic Church filled until the Renaissance and Reformation.

        It is simply a myth that the Crusades were about conquering in the name of God.

        Just as today, all of North Africa and the Middle and Near East were being put to the sword by the Jihad.

        Stopping the Jihad and liberating formerly Christian lands from Jihad conquest was the purpose of the Crusades.

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