Mistaken Identity

5445159548_8a81ca7c44_zAn ancient hunter traversed the frozen wasteland in pursuit of a much larger animal when he stumbled into an icy pond. Struggling desperately in the freezing water he was unable to surface for air. Before his tribesmen could rescue him he became unconscious and his heart stopped beating. In that moment his senses ceased. He no longer felt the weight of his body nor any sound except a pleasant hum and his memories all faded into brightness. His own thoughts seemed to be someone else’s voice as he heard himself say ‘you must return’. Just then his friends pulled his lifeless body from the water and tossed him onto the frozen tundra. It shocked him into breathing and his heart began to beat. He sat up and told them what he saw. They called it a god.

© Book Sim. All rights reserved. Republished here with permission of the author.

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