Islam is a religion of peace?


by David Pope:

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9 Responses to Islam is a religion of peace?

  1. Sadly, Islam, like many other religions, has been misunderstood due to the lack of academic understanding of terminology, and actions of the radicalists who, on their own volition, have twisted it to their own egotistical arrogance.

    Many people will see the phrase “Kill the infidel wherever you may find them.” They believe the term “infidel” in this case to mean anyone who is not Muslim. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, the Christians and Jews are to be respected highly according to the Qur’an as they are “people of the Book.”

    Secondly, the term “infidel” applied to invaders who would enter a person’s land and home, rape, pillage and murder the inhabitants. It also applied to those who would stop people from participating in the Hajj – the journey to Mecca at least once in their lifetime – usually for the purpose of robbing them. It ALSO says that, if the infidel is to surrender, you are to stop attacking them as well because it is up to Allah (the God of Abraham) to make judgment against them, not the Muslim.

    A bit of pre-emptive commentary. No, I am NOT a Muslim, nor would I ever convert to being one. I am just educated in the field for professional reasoning and responsibility.

    • tildeb says:

      And the other 108 verses supporting violence in defense of the faith?

      Doesn’t the Not a True Scotsman fallacy ever get old and worn out? Apparently never… in the service of religion.

      • Any specific examples that you can think of which are not in a form of self-defense? Please restrict these passages to only the Qur’an.

        Just a bit of trivia: Did you know the Bible has 3x the number of violence packed passages as the Qur’an? That being said, the bible is 3x as big as the Qur’an, so they rather balance each other out.

      • tildeb says:

        Under the heading of ‘defense of the faith’ what violence isn’t condoned? Any criticism of Islam is fair game, donchaknow, because hey, it’s only the perfect word of god. And that tolerates zero criticism… even about a bunch of mass murderers. Only in the Religion of Peace can you be as violent as you want… the god-sanctioned right to have your cake and eat it too. Nice gig.

      • tildeb – to harm any innocent goes counter to the Qur’an. Disagreement is fine, but to create physical harm to another is condemned.

        About the zero criticism bit, you mean like some of the Christian sects?

        Islam condemns murder. It sounds as if you are taking the actions of the radicalists, who are very small percentage-wise to the main population of Muslim. They fly counter to the teachings. Much like the Ku Klux Klan being a Christian group, as they claim.

      • tildeb says:

        What apologetic rubbish.

        The notion of ‘innocent’ is directly related to anyone who does not cause some perceived insult or harm or threat or criticism to Islam. The violence advocated by the koran is against anyone not innocent… which is directed to just about everyone who crosses this imaginary line and supposedly instigates the need for the religiously justified violence. Pretending that this violence is not inspired and permitted and justified by the koran is delusional thinking.

        Now go to your web browser and find out how many muslims today are being killed in the name of Islam. Dozens if not hundreds. Every day. Calling Islam a religion of peace is an oxymoron supported by those who assume reality doesn’t arbitrate the claim. For those of us who respect reality to do this job, Islam is a very violent and brutal Iron Age religion incompatible with the very foundations of enlightenment values upon which Western liberal democracies have been built.

        As for the ‘murder’ notion, this is merely another apologetic tautology when it comes to Islam. If you have trouble with the term, look it up.

        Every muslim is a fundamentalist moderate… right up until the time he or she decides to honor the koran and do what it directs good muslims to do (and what determines a good muslim from a not-so-good muslim is how closely one lives according to the pillars of the faith, which is proscribed in the koran… including the 109 verses about when to do violence and against whom and for what reason which, when acted upon, suddenly and mysteriously produces an ‘extremist’, a ‘radical’, a ‘bad apple’, a exception that magically must be kept at arm’s length from the very scripture that demands submission to its precepts and orders its followers to impose it on others.

        You can wax poetically all you want about the peaceful ‘nature’ of Islam and you can continue to pretend it’s a religion of peace. You can believe in the Easter Bunny, too. But your misguided and misplaced belief is not supported by the reality we share, and the sooner you allow reality to arbitrate your beliefs about it, the sooner you will stop apologizing for this Mother Ship of Bad Ideas called Islam.

        Islam must change if it wishes to survive as a religion. You’re apologies for it are not helping but hindering this necessary transformation.

      • tildeb – again, you are taking the actions of a few radicalist extremists who twist what the Qur’an says to make it fit their hateful agenda. So, do you believe that all Christians (or even the majority of them) are racist bigots who believe in burning crosses on people’s lawns, tar and feathering or raping those who happen to be “of darker skin”? Same issue.

      • tildeb says:

        No, it’s not the same issue in this case. Religiously inspired violence is the issue and the majority of it comes from Islam because unlike every other major religion it is not subject to liberalization and moderation and interpretation. Yes, there are other religions with violence done in its name but the level of violence is comparatively low because few pretend their scripture is not subject to any interpretations that promote non violence. In stark contrast, the koran is considered the perfect word of god by the vast majority of muslims… in case you need reminding. And unlike most other religions, Islam’s central tenets are incompatible with secular liberal Western democracies.

        Islam does not respect individual autonomy. It does not respect legal equality. It does not respect freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from religious discrimination. On what planet are you living where you can so easy apologize for the 233 jihad attacks in December of 2014 as ‘a few radicalist extremists’, dismiss the 30 countries in which they occurred where these ‘few’ apparently hang out, the 2497 dead people killed by these radicalized ‘few’ and the 2225 injured by these few extremists who admittedly carried out these attacks in the name of Islam?

        One month, atatakaidanjp. Want to know the year’s totals are? How are your multiplication skills?

        If what you believe were true, then how can you explain the nearly 25,000 jihad attacks carried out in the name of Islam in the past decade? If Islam were a religion of peace – but interrupted on occasion by the delusional acts of a few madmen – then these numbers wouldn’t be what they are. The replenishment rate for these few extremists is rather remarkable, wouldn’t you say, and the regularity of violence done in the name of Islam simply an astounding coincidence? Your beliefs about Islam are not true. It is a religion of violence and this violence is carried out by muslims almost always against other muslims in the name of Islam.. Anyone who reads the book would know about this level of ordained violence… especially when they understood why later writings about justified violence carry greater theological weight than the earlier verses often cited by apologists and faitheists alike.

        Now compare and contrast these numbers with the combined total of religiously inspired violence done in the name of Christianity. If you honestly believe there is equivalency, show me the equivalent evidence of violence carried out in the name of Christianity because I just don’t find it. Very few people are killed in the name of Christianity… probably because the central tenets of the faith itself really do stand contrary TO violence. Islam can make no such claim because it really is a religion of conquest BY violence. Apples and oranges.

        Now if you want to condemn showing religion any respect whatsoever, I’m with you. I think the method that informs and justifies religious belief utilizes faith… and faith-based beliefs (wherever used) spectacularly fail to produce knowledge and its derivatives (applications, therapies, and technologies that work for everyone everywhere all the time). The use of faith-based beliefs produces belief in woo and is a guaranteed method to fool ourselves by replacing belief as the arbiter of what’s true about reality rather than allow reality to adjudicate claims made about it. Religion is not the sole proprietor of woo, but it is its mother ship and advertizes faith to be a virtue rather than the vice it really is. And Islam is an excellent example of how faith-based belief can be used to justify anything including mass murder.

      • teldeb – apparently you are too young to remember the 1950s and 1960s in the US where it was the groups like the Ku Klux Klans and neo-nazi groups who would go out lynching people right and left “in the name of God”. They claim to be Christian and even use (and used) the bible to justify their bigotry and hatred, so yes, Christianity is equally as guilty as the mainstream Muslim.

        Now, do you really believe that mainstream Christianity are racist bigots? I would hope not as it is not true. Same thing with mainstream Muslim people. They are no more violent and hateful people than mainstream Christians. In fact, from my experience, I have found on average, the hospitality of Muslims tend to be a bit more welcoming and warm.

        Yes, anyone can use nearly any label to justify “anything, including mass murder” but by twisting the actual teachings. This is what I am talking about. Most people have absolutely no idea what the passages in many of the holy writings of many of the religions of the world mean, so they take things the wrong way. Now, if you want to demand that Islam is a religion of hatred and that they want to take over the world, that is your choice, but that is not what is taught.

        Unless you have anything else to offer, I do not see any reason to continue with this.

        Thank you for your time.

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