NCSE: How to Talk to Non-Scientists about Evolution

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One Response to NCSE: How to Talk to Non-Scientists about Evolution

  1. tildeb says:

    Has she never heard of BioLogos – a site started by the ever-so-devout Francis Collins – that tried to implement exactly what she thinks will work? And how did that work out?

    Right. It didn’t. It was and remains a monument to the failure of accommodating science with contrary religious beliefs.

    Look, it falls to religion – not science – to comport with reality. Suggesting that there is no fundamental incompatibility between religion that promotes and upholds some kind of biological creationism and science that offers a model of reality we call evolution supported in every way by reality is nothing more than mewling and fawning to ignorance and superstition in the name of tolerance that supposedly will bring these believers into the fold of knowledge.

    This is crazy talk by the mouthpieces of the NCSE.

    This mewling approach by the NCSE to insist on accommodation for this religiously supported ignorance doesn’t work to change minds. Sure, this apologetic approach sounds very nice and looks so very tolerant and we can all feel good that we’re trying so very hard to teach science to the religiously befuddled… but it doesn’t work.

    Criticizing and demonstrating why contrary and incompatible religious beliefs are in opposition to what reality arbitrates as a very valuable and insightful explanatory model of how we have descended from common ancestry does work. The applications, therapies, and technologies based on this evolutionary model work. Go figure.

    If someone still wants to believe in some deistic god who may have twiddled the nobs of life in deep time and then disappeared from this process leaving no trace of any intervention at any time in any way is all fine and dandy… but that ain’t what these creationists believe. And they’re not about to change their minds if it threatens the confidence held in their version of some divien Oogity Boogity. Kowtowing to these creationists in the name of tolerating religious nonsense in the hope that just maybe, that perhaps this time, creationists will stop attacking evolutionary theory with vacuous claims of interventionist POOF!ism not supported by ANY evidence from reality is crazy talk… the NCSE mouthoieces insisting that doing the same thing – but trying harder to accommodate religious belief in such divine intervention when doing science – will magically produce a different result!

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