How Creationists See Evolution


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13 Responses to How Creationists See Evolution

  1. Tim says:

    So… let me get this right. Your strategy is to admit that you have missing pieces… got it.

    • DeltaV says:

      There may be missing pieces, but the point here is the pattern CLEARLY shows EVOLUTION. The other point is that YOU CREATIONISTS purposely DISTORT the evidence and LIE that it shows your “god fairy tale” did it. Here is another analogy of what’s going on (Hint, YOU TIM are the one that continues to see THE DUCK):

      • Tim says:

        That wasn’t really anything of a response. That was you basically saying “no we’re right, not you”.

      • DeltaV says:

        If you need it spelled out that simply, then yes, “We’ve got the fossils. We’re right and you’re not.”

      • Tim says:

        But… we’ve got the fossils too. We love fossils. Without them it would be hard to believe a worldwide flood occurred.

      • DeltaV says:

        Strange that all of “your fossils” aren’t found in a single layer, all mixed together, as would be expected in a single “global flood event”. Instead, the newest fossils are found at the top of the rock strata and the oldest fossils are found at the lowest levels of the rock strata… exactly as would be predicted if there WAS NO SINGLE event, but instead a LONG LONG LONG HISTORY of events of organisms living and dying on a VERY OLD planet Earth.

      • Tim says:

        Or they are in order from least complex to more complex due to hydrologic sorting mixed with the intuitveness of creatures outlasting the flood. Seems strange to knock the flood theory and claim gradual processes when you have the Cambrian explosion, tons of fossils all appearing at once.

      • DeltaV says:

        No, that “sorting” claim isn’t what is seen in the rock strata. And the “Cambrian explosion” happened over a 50 Million year time span (not ‘all at once’)… essentially the same length of time for the four-limbed mammalian ancestors of whales to evolve in to whales we see today.

  2. chaddamitz says:

    I have to admit, the connect-the-dots illustration was humorous and witty. I don’t agree with it, but nevertheless, it was funny. I am a Creationist and believe that the evidence of scientific data points to intelligent design, a teleological argument for the existence of God.

    I am assuming you presuppose evolution. First, are you a Theist who espouses Evolution or a Methodological Naturalist? If your a Naturalist, I do have to ask an ontological, meta-philosophical question about your worldview that I find hard to understand.

    How do you move from a universe that originates from no prior matter into a universe of valueless matter and energy, eventually arriving at moral values, including human rights, human dignity, and moral obligation? It is hard to see how the naturalist could bridge this chasm. Matter just does not have moral properties, let alone mental ones. Thanks for your response!

    • DeltaV says:

      Try this one… and remember, YOU are the one claiming to see the DUCK despite all evidence to the contrary:

      • chaddamitz says:

        Once again, good analogy. However, the same could be reversed and said of Atheists. Richard Lewontin, a Darwinian Fundamentalist and Naturalist stated this explaining his methodology concerning science.

        He said: “we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, NO MATTER how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.”

        So then, despite the evidence, Mr. Lewontin will not allow a divine foot in the door. Prominent scholar and graduate of Cambridge University, Stephen Miller, has a great book called Signature in the Cell: DNA and evidence for Intelligent design.

        In my opinion, the right attitude should not be to dismiss the evidence and use ad hominen fallacies to continue convincing yourself that God does not exist. If you seek honestly, you may find some strong evidence. Hope all is well. Have a good day.

      • DeltaV says:

        It’s clearly not a duck (or divine foot or ‘god did it’ claim), despite what you, Stephen C. Meyer (not Miller), and every theist who has ever lived continue to repeat.

  3. truthcube says:

    Love it!

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