Debate: AronRa vs. Matt Slick

AronRa joins Matt Slick on the Bible Thumping Wing Nut (BTWN) Show to discuss Christianity.

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2 Responses to Debate: AronRa vs. Matt Slick

  1. Well, I think the lesson here is simple. Religion or no religion there is no respect between these two men. Maybe they need a talking stick . And they should have agreed on a dictionary prior to the debate… sad

  2. Tim says:

    9:44 – if science has no faith element involved, how do two different reputable scientists come to two different conclusions on the same evidence? there are science conferences where the point is to openly debate the conclusions. perhaps evidence doesn’t speak for itself and must be interpreted, and THAT is where faith comes in.

    16:44 – why wouldn’t he answer Matt’s question about proving the laws of logic? I think there is an atheistic answer to that question. Was he not understanding the question? He answered later on with the evidence of physics being reliable, but that’s not what Matt asked about. He dodged the topic.

    I couldn’t continue on. These two guys were just horribly talking over each other and missing everything. It was horrible and I am surprised you would advertise this.

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