“We want to see christ in our schools”

At two public schools in Texas earlier this year, the Freedom of the Religion Foundation (FFRF) threatened to sue the local school district if religious plaques weren’t covered or removed. Sam Grover, the attorney for the FFRF, became aware of the plaques after complaints from local residents, which prompted him to contact the local school district. The Midlothian Independent School District took the threats seriously and preceded to cover the plaques. The local residents protested and had the plaques uncovered, with the FFRF now considering taking further legal action.

This issue was discussed on the October 22 edition of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News. In a segment titled “The Fight for Faith,” host Ainsley Earhardt welcomed Pastor Justin Coffman and Tiffany Davlin to the show, both local residents and parents of children who attend the schools. Coffman stated that the town was “all about wanting to see the cause of Christ go further,” before noting that he wants to see “Christ in more public arenas,” and that Christianity shouldn’t be taken away.

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