Televangelist ‘cures’ Ebola by Speaking in Tongues

Popular televangelist Kenneth Copeland “slays the demon virus Ebola” by speaking in tongues.

The following is an excerpt (sans the gibberish) of Copeland ordering the “murderous demon virus” Ebola to bow down before Jesus:

and by blessing, we destroy this murderous demon virus…

…Faith begins to shrink the mountain, and shrink the enemy. All of the sudden Ebola looks like what it actually is – it’s a little, tiny worm…

the spirit life in Ebola must bow its knee to the name of Jesus…

drive that demon devil disease out and kill it, wipe it out…

Meanwhile, in Liberia, the LGBT community is under attack after many Christian leaders, including Catholic Archbishop Lewis Zeigler of Monrovia, declared Ebola to be a punishment from God for the act of homosexuality.

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One Response to Televangelist ‘cures’ Ebola by Speaking in Tongues

  1. I pity the people who actually give money to these types of “preachers” who are out for themselves and do extremely little for anyone else. Why would people want to support a guy who has not one but three jet aircraft, along with a few prop driven ones, a huge home, and yet he does what to help the starving and stick people? He claims to be a healer, why is he not in hospitals, clearing out cancer wards by healing them all?

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