AronRa: Theism is Not Rational

This is a response to “God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?

The first thing I have to point out is that it’s not God vs atheism; it’s theism vs atheism. God isn’t involved in this because God doesn’t exist. And it’s not which one is MORE rational; it’s which one is rational at all, and which one is wholly irrational.

Some months ago, I said I wouldn’t do any more pwnage videos because I wouldn’t waste any more time responding to anyone who didn’t have a significant negative impact on the community at-large. Then Dr. Peter Kreeft made a video attacking atheists with the same fallacious arguments typical of amateur trolls. He misrepresents both his own position and ours with the lies of equivocation and projection, by pretending that assuming baseless conclusions doesn’t require faith, but that NOT believing all that unsupported nonsense somehow DOES require faith.

It’s bad enough that he does this as a professor of philosophy at Boston college, but here he is representing Prager University. A quick look at Prager University’s website shows that they’re nothing more than a right-wing conservative propaganda machine. They have multiple ‘courses’ against feminism and social justice, liberals and education, and they promote unregulated free-market capitalism and prioritize military spending and defense of Israel. After reviewing their list of ‘courses’, I was actually surprised that I didn’t see any on climate-change denial or any arguments against vaccination. Maybe next semester? So yeah, they deserve it.

– AronRa

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2 Responses to AronRa: Theism is Not Rational

  1. As a Christian I agree with AronRa. My faith, all faith, is completely irrational but that does not make it untrue. No one has evidence that god exists that they can convince others with. Belief of god is a miracle that comes from god.

  2. Faith is the belief in that which cannot be proven.
    Atheism cannot be proven.
    Therefore, atheism is a faith-based belief.

    The existence of God can be proven.
    Therefore, belief in God is reasonable.

    Further, both science and reason prove the existence of God.

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