Eighth grade atheist outwits Christian debater

A young atheist stumps a Christian debater with some simple questions about Christianity, and the supposed morality of an all knowing, all loving, all powerful god.

Last month, at a Christian/atheist debate/discussion in Beaverton, Oregon, an eighth grade student identified as “Chad” had a chance to question Christian debater Ben Clifton, identified as an adjunct Instructor at a Bible school.

Anyone who has thought deeply about Christianity has probably contemplated the simple and straightforward questions Chad asked of defender of the faith Clifton. Yet Clifton failed to offer a satisfactory answer to any of Chad’s powerful and profound questions.

No doubt some Christian apologists will argue that Clifton lacked the theological knowledge and/or rhetorical skill to satisfactorily answer Chad’s questions. However, the more thoughtful will recognize that such questions cannot be given a satisfactory answer, and that Christian dogma cannot be defended, for the dogma is ultimately bankrupt, being neither moral, nor rational.

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5 Responses to Eighth grade atheist outwits Christian debater

  1. shematwater says:

    Well, I was finally able to watch the video. I will say your unwillingness to duplicate the questions when asked seems to indicate that you are not really interested in discussion, but I am going to make a few comments anyway.

    “Why would God send us here to be tested if He already knows what is going to happen?”

    Simple. He didn’t send us just to be tested. There are two main reason that God sent us here. The first was to gain a physical body. As His spirit children God wanted the very best for us, and this is only possible with a physical body. The second reason was so that we could experience and learn how to be like God. This learning is done through various tests that are given for our benefit. So, yes, we were sent here to be tested; but the test is for our benefit to help us learn and progress. God may know who is going to heaven, but the point of being tested is to make us ready when we get there.

    “What happens to those who lived and died without a knowledge of Jesus and the Gospel?”

    As spirits that have been separated from their physical bodies they now dwell in a different world. In this world of spirits God has organized a missionary force that goes forth and teaches all those who died in mortality without the gospel. They then have the chance they never got in life to accept or reject it. For those who had the chance in this life and rejected it there is no second change.

    “What of babies that die in miscarriages or early in life?”

    Any child who dies before the age of eight dies innocent and is saved through the atonement of Christ without a need for anything else. Why they die this young is not known, but it is assumed that they had already progressed further than most and thus did not need the experiences of mortality as much.
    Now, early miscarriages can happen, and it may be that the spirit has not yet entered the body. In this case there was not yet a living being and thus the spirit will have another opportunity to gain a body.

  2. shematwater says:

    My computer does not allow me to watch the video link in this blog. Could you post the questions the kid asked?

  3. Tim says:

    Yes, the Christian side-stepped the question. Here is the proper response:


    • Ted Badami says:

      I read your hyper-link, and it’s ridiculous. By your reasoning, god created Adam and Eve knowing they would sin so the rest of us could spend our entire lives learning to repent for sins we never committed. This deluded god thing you believe in is a cruel manifestation of warped human minds, nothing more.

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