‘Kidnapped for Christ’ reveals workings of behavior modification school

Shortly after a 17-year-old boy came out to his parents, he was dragged from his home and tossed onto a flight toward Miami, completely in the dark about where he was going and who was taking him.

It was the summer before David’s senior year of high school when two strangers showed up at his Colorado home, wrapped a belt around his waist and took him away. His parents watched on, declaring their love for him.

Soon, the teen learned it was all his parent’s doing.

He had been signed up for an undetermined length of stay at Escuela Caribe, a Dominican Republic-based Christian behavioral modification school for “troubled” teenagers started. It was started in 1971 by Gordon Blossom, a former “juvenile delinquent” who became a pastor.

A new Showtime documentary, “Kidnapped for Christ,” chronicles the experiences of David and other teens sent to this pricey off-shore come-to-Jesus program and the effects this kind of so-called behavior modification has on growing young minds.

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