What the hell are they doing to these children?

Evangelical Christians around the globe are increasingly holding large children’s revivals where they practice a disturbing ritual called “anointing by the holy spirit,” “being slain by the holy spirit,” “catching the holy ghost,” or “falling out.”

It is intimidating, physically coercive, deeply stressful, and emotionally manipulative. Children are under tremendous pressure to cooperate, to mimic the adults’ bizarre behaviors, and to avoid being judged unworthy, disappointing, or worse, under satan’s spell.

The older children and teens are under great peer pressure to fit in. The youngest simply don’t understand they’re supposed to fall over. Their purity and honesty shines through.

Most are acting, consciously or subconsciously, feeling anxiety and guilt long afterward for not having the “genuine” experience they imagine the rest are surely having. Others are infected by the contagion of mass hysteria, a temporary insanity driven by the shouting, the music, and the cacophony of adults “speaking in tongues” (glossolalia) — meaningless babbling with the same origin as the toppling over.

The preachers, of course, are paid for results.

What kind of belief system must force itself on children, long before they are able to understand and decide for themselves?

It is child abuse and should not be permitted.

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2 Responses to What the hell are they doing to these children?

  1. Tim says:

    I was “slain in the spirit” one time at the only event like it I’ve ever been to. It was genuine. No guilt for my experience not feeling genuine and just going through the motions to fit in. So… what now?

  2. Bobbi_2 says:

    This is deeply disturbing to watch! It makes me wonder if children would be removed from their parents by child welfare services if they watched these clips. Its horrifying to watch and then to realize that I used to be one of those children. Although I know my mother and father thought they were doing the best they could for ‘fear of my immortal soul’, it deeply distresses and horrifes me that my parents thought that they were doing the right thing by putting me through that sort of thing (maybe not to the degree on some of these clips)as a child. Im not one to make excuses for people who ought to know better. I agree, this is child abuse and creates life long harm.

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