Queen of Holland attends concert. Muslim conductor starts proselytising. Orchestra members walk off stage.

Video title:
Muslim calls for Queen to convert to Islam.
مسلم يدعو الملکه إلى اعتناق الإسلام

“Man disrupts Queen’s concert,” a translation (error correction invited) of “Man verstoort concert Koningin,” from ShowNieuws, September 3 (thanks to Ferenc):

Tonight a man was arrested at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. There was a classical concert scheduled in the Great Hall, where Queen Beatrix sat on the first row. Concertgebouw director Simon Reinink confirmed this to ShowNieuws.

This man, neatly dressed in a suit, entered the stage and began a speech about Islam. He called himself the servant of God and invited the public to believe. One person who was present wrote on Twitter: “He said: ‘There is no bomb … I’m sorry.’”

When the guards discovered that he was not a speaker on the program, they took him off the stage and brought him over to police. According Reinink, the man did not threaten the queen. Therefore she remained quietly in her seat.

The somewhat confused man, who is known to the police, spent the next night at the police station.

Here is another view of the event:

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7 Responses to Queen of Holland attends concert. Muslim conductor starts proselytising. Orchestra members walk off stage.

  1. David Kutz says:

    This was with my orchestra in the Netherlands. We saw this guy around for a while ( he was there at least 30 min before) and when the event started there was to be some presentations so most of us just assumed that he was one of the speakers. The hall was quiet ANC we all listened fie a few minutes until the orchestra became restless and uncomfortable. He turned to us and said something like ” it’s ok, I don’t have a bomb…” We all moved pretty fast after this. Once gone, the Queen was spoken to and we just continued. Memorable night.

  2. STM says:

    Any further info on who this guy really is? What happened to him after? And is he really known to police, and for what reason? How strange that the media has not provided more information on this character. Is there something they do not want to tell us?

    • Robert says:

      I can’t tell you whom he is but he speaks in a Flemish (Belgian Dutch) accent and yes, he was already known to police who should’ve intercepted him when he entered the building. Sloppy security makes for danger.

  3. Ban says:

    He’s NOT a conductor! You cannot be a conductor as a Muslim! He is a jackass Muslim preacher who jumped up on the stage! Do some research!

  4. ubi dubium says:

    As a musician I’m wondering, what happened next? I’m hoping that they pulled the assistant conductor up and continued on with the concert. The audience had paid for orchestra music, and I hope they eventually got it.

    But I’m so proud of that orchestra for leaving! The usual standard is
    Rule #1 The conductor is always right.
    Rule #2 If the conductor is wrong, see rule # 1.

    So for an orchestra to leave, even when the conductor is being as rude and inappropriate as this guy, that took guts, so bravo to them.

  5. Dan Anderson says:

    This type of behavior (preaching one’s spiritual beliefs) at a concert is totally inappropriate.

    • Luis says:

      Mr Anderson, is that the best you can do? This is a mad-dog mohammedan and should be taken by an airplane to his 12 century mud-hut village and pushed out the door, maybe without a parachute. How can you be so passive about what the mohammedans are trying to do? If Obama had any manhood we would be rid of the mohammedans by now–but no, he thinks the music from the mosque is the most beautiful he has ever heard. Does that sound RACIST? It should, because I am a RACIST, I am a BIGOT, I am a HATER: I HATE people of the FUKHED race and Obama is the prime exponent of the FUKHED race.

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