New Boise creationist museum seeks to promote ‘true science’ by disputing evolution

By Audrey Dutton, The Idaho Statesman

A group of Idahoans dismayed by science education have opened the Northwest Science Museum offering a Biblical explanation of Earth’s origins and disputing other explanations, such as evolution.

“We want to show a lot of science that’s being censored and not presented to the public,” said Doug Bennett, the museum’s executive director.

The organizers have big plans. They formed a nonprofit, with one employee and several volunteers.

They’re starting with a “Vision Center” — the current museum, housed in a small West Boise building on King and Wildwood streets, next to a store that sells Magic the Gathering and other gaming supplies.

But their hope is to raise enough money through donations to build a full-scale museum, which will charge admission. (The Vision Center is free and open most weekday afternoons.)

“We’re also looking at grants, scholarships, that sort of thing” to fund the full-scale museum, Bennett said.

The central premise of the museum is to counter “mainstream science” with exhibits about life on Earth as created by God in six days, about 6,000 years ago — not over a span of millions of years.

Bennett said the founders had been kicking around the idea for a creation museum for 10 or 20 years.

The organization is “just a group of us that have kind of the same idea of promoting true science,” he said, adding that it’s not affiliated with any church or religious group.

The museum cost about $10,000 to open, he said. Many of the items on display came from the founders’ personal collections.

Bennett said the response opening week was encouraging and supportive, except for a flood of emails from people he described as atheists and naysayers.

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3 Responses to New Boise creationist museum seeks to promote ‘true science’ by disputing evolution

  1. Are these people serious?

    • Dan Anderson says:

      Given the number of people who visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky, I think they actually may BE serious about this. (Sometimes, I really wonder about humanity.)

  2. Dan Anderson says:

    This is sad when the facts of science are ignored in favor of believing in something which has absolutely no evidence of ever happening. One of many examples is the issue of a “global flood of Noah” some 4500 years ago. There is NO evidence of any global flood as described in Genesis. Local or regional floods (which happen annually) are NOT examples of a global flood. There are many civilizations which have lived for much longer than 4500 years ago, many with evidence of their existence as much as from 15-45,000 years old and longer.

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