Happy Anniversary Believers VS Non-Believers

A year ago a void was opened in paltalk. The atheist vs theist debate rooms were playing metaphorical popcorn, opening and closing on a whim. Olivia Moon & David Redfern decided to stake a flag in the ground and created a new room; Believers Vs Non Believers.

In those first few days the room was quiet and cozy. 5-14 people at a time sat calmly and discussed amongst themselves. We organized around a simple theme: having an open place for everyone to come and express their opinions. There we some hard times, and the room was on the brink of closure several times.

Eventually the sharks began to swarm in and the metaphorical blood filled the water. The openness could only be maintain by a strong force of admins. From various reaches of the globe and various religious and philosophical opinions the admins patched and tended to the vessel. These emotionally triggering conversations are not without a few casualties. Chatters and admins alike have been lost in the turmoil. Let this anniversary serve to remind us all of the various reasons we come to the room day after day.

To laugh with friends, to learn, to let off some steam, to plant the seed, but mostly to share. In this year we’ve made friends and enemies. We’ve shared our personal struggles and rejoiced with each other in our triumphs.

I asked the admins to share some of their favorite moments from the room over the past year.

My favorite memory of being in the room was when Sahihchristian was pawned by Dschiff.. The topic was about the young earth creation..Sahihchristian is a young earther.. Someone said that the ice rings provided evidence that the Earth is over 8,000 years old..Sahihchristian provided a link ( TalkOrigins.org) to back up his claim that it was only 6-8000 yrs.old. He evidently did not read all the article or cherry picked what he thought would backup his claim. TalksOrigin is a website that is in favor of biological and physical origins..Dschiff knew what the website was, he uses it at times and read what Sahihchristian had posted for his evidence..It was completely the opposite of what he was trying to prove..I laugh my ass off….I damn neared cried from laughing so hard…One should read what they want to post in the room for evidence…It can backfire and make you look like an IDIOT!>>>>>>>>>>Sahihchristian got PAWNED!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favorite moments happen in the wee hours of the morning when the room is in a quieter state. One that I recall the best was a delightful debate between Miriyam and Facttts. Miriyam who’s religious stance is not entirely clear other than worshipping the Torah claimed dominance over facttts, who is a black hebrew Israelite. The debate went back in forth with each claiming they were the true hebrew with which the creator/god made a covenant. It was a hilarious battle of twisted bible theory and psychosis.

I’d also like to say that I’m always amazed at DSchiff and Bubbles’ ability to keep their cool and present such eloquent and educated responses. I’ve also learned so much from a group I like to call The Philosophy Guys (queue the slow motion walk-away-from-explosion scene); Angstreich, Rayndeon, & Hal. They’re always interesting to listen to, smart and hilarious. Finally I have sincere respect for the many theists that continue to share in our discussions, CanuckZap & Alexxx51 and Complex Harmonics; even though he’s not the easiest to comprehend.

I’ll leave you with a few words from David Redfern, and I wish only to cement one thought; It’s just the internet, and here’s your damn kiss!

I would like to thank ALL chatters for choosing this room.. They have made this room to what it is today..This room belongs to the PEOPLE…There are so many good chatters that have come into the room.. Each have their own style and level of education…This is what Believers vs. Non-Believers room thrives on..I have learned much from most of the chatters that do come into the room..Most that come in here are well educated..They keep me on my feet.. I research and look at the evidence that they provide..I love it.. I LEARN!!! But there are some that “STANDOUT” from the rest…I would like to give thanks to these people for giving us their time and viewpoints. My favorite Chatter is, Dschiff..He stands his ground and doesn’t back down..He is very intelligent and well verse in his viewpoint..He constantly researches and provides evidence to back up his claims….Then there is a newbie to the room, Star-Splitter. He brings with him astro- physics.Then we have Leatherbound, who is well versed in the Bible and its history..Delta,is another one..he brings to the room his wits and knowledge of space.. He is always informing the room when a rocket is about to launch…Then there is Dawgma, he brings to the room his medical knowledge and his uncanny wits…he does bring HUMOR to the room….The we have Revelation False, he brings philosophy and metaphysics to the room..Sir Lancelot, brings astrophysics and chemistry to the room..Hal9000, brings philosophy and logic..Then there is Olivia Moon,, she brings psychology to the room..Then , we have Factfully .. He is very much educated and holds his ground… Then there is Bubbles,,she is a fucking genius.. When she talks people listen..I laugh cause she goes over a lot of people’s heads..She is that brilliant..There are so many chatters from many different disciplines that come into the room..So if I have left YOU out, I didn’t do it on purpose..Not enough time and space to name everyone that I could think of…Each one of the chatters are IMPORTANT to this room..They make the room!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to take timeout to THANK all the admins in this room..I am honored and grateful for their time and services they have provided in this room… I do BELIEVE this room has THE”BEST” admins on paltalk..At times we do get bashed for doing our job..But it is only from those who we have to discipline for the bullshit that they do..The majority of those in the room, especially the regular would agree with me..

I would like to give “SPECIAL ATTENTION” and “”RECONIGTION” to those admins , who have been with Believers vs. Non-Believers since it first open..They are:Olivia Moon, Trite Static, Hatter2k, Lucent Tenebris, Dschiff, DeltaV, Long _bowe_too, Stjo_sm06, Jenskijj, Amica94, ReasonsHero, Anthrapoid and KasparHauser4..

These admins had stuck with this room when we had single digits for numbers. They NEVER gave up..They were loyal and devoted to the room.. With that they have EARNED my “RESPECT”.. They are the backbone of this room…I am very grateful and honored to be in the room with them…All of them has a special place in my being and etched in my memory..THANK YOU!! what more can I say?


About Trite Static

I enjoy coffee with cream and tea with sugar and am only able to knit in squares.
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