Creationist claims that dragon myths are derived from human encounters with dinosaurs

According to a creationist author, dragons were once real creatures simply because they appear in the Bible.

“The Bible speaks about dragons,” Darek Isaacs said recently on the program Creation Today. “Our authority — everything we do we have to measure by the word of God, that’s what I believe. So, we have to go to the Bible, and the Bible speaks about dragons.”

According to Isaacs’ book, “Dragons or Dinosaurs”, ancient myths about dragons were actually derived from people’s encounters with dinosaurs. Isaacs, like most young-earth creationists, believes that humans and dinosaurs co-existed since they were both created at the same time as the earth — about 6,000 years ago.

“If dragons were in fact entirely mythological, if they were a figment of the imagination, and if they never did exist, then God just compared [Satan] to a make-believe creature that never existed,” he concluded.

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One Response to Creationist claims that dragon myths are derived from human encounters with dinosaurs

  1. Tim says:

    According to the Bible, land animals and man were created on the same day of creation. I find it incredible that from your perspective men writing these documents thousands of years ago (before the discovery of dinosaurs) wrote about large reptilian beasts and just happened to make a prediction that was later confirmed through the discovery of animals that matched the descriptions spoken of in Job.

    Couple this literary evidence with structural designs depicting dinosaurs, cave drawings depicting dinosaurs from thousand of years ago with the recent discoveries of red blood cells stick in tact in dino bones and you’ve got a compelling case for a young-earth.

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