Bible over 1500 years that says that Jesus was not crucified

A Bible with over 1,500 years was discovered in Turkey and is of concern to the Vatican.That’s because the Bible contains the Gospel of Barnabas, who was one of the disciples of Christ, who traveled with the apostle Paul, which maintains a vision of Islam similar to that of Jesus Christ.

The book would have been discovered in 2000 and has been kept secret in the Ethnographic Museum in Ankara. The book, in fact treated leather and written in a dialect of Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, has black pages, due to the action of time.According to reports, the experts evaluated the book and ensured that is original.

Religious authorities in Tehran insist that the text shows that Jesus was not crucified, was not the Son of God, but a prophet, and called Paul, the “impostor”.The book also says that Jesus ascended to heaven alive without being crucified and Judas Iscariot would have been crucified in his place.

Talk about the announcement that Jesus gave the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found Islam 700 years after Christ. The text provides for the arrival of the last Islamic messiah, a fact that has not happened yet.

The Vatican has expressed concern about the discovery of the book and asked the Turkish authorities to the Catholic Church experts evaluated the content of the book in the Catholic Church. It is believed that the Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea, made the selection of the Gospels that form part of the Bible, deleting some, possibly including the Gospel of Barnabas.

It is also believed that there were many other Gospels, Gospels known as the Dead Sea.

Original article: Bible over 1500 years that says that Jesus was not crucified.

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