How to Misrepresent Science

How to Misrepresent Science

I made it myself and therefore give any and all peoples to replicate it. Spread, spread it across the interwebs!

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One Response to How to Misrepresent Science

  1. jd says:

    All of mans words debase the reality of things and phenomena. Science is the recognising of related phenomena, and the giving of names. Religion is the attempt to woo people with fiction and a story, to make them fear their God enough to force them into good action.

    The question of whether something is right or wrong, is irrelevant if I understand that the spin of right or wrong merely come from other men’s ego’s too.

    As all of the conflict in life comes from opposing thoughts and beliefs, the only truth can be to turn them off and experience myself, without the bias and agenda of others. I can actually experience it now, rather than based on what others tell me it is. THIS is freedom.

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