The Vilification

It’s a constant point made by theists that atheist are aggressive and angry. They’re hating on everybody’s fun Insert-Your-Religion-Here Exclusive Club and they do it mean-spiritedly. However, let’s examine the actual situation.

In the Abrahamic religions, there is a place promised for those who do not believe in God. For those blasphemers, they are designated- nay, they deserve to burn in Hell for all eternity. In an infinitely agonizing demise, they will find no panacea for what they have done. If this alone is not enough to turn the tables around on theists, let’s look at what Christians have done in America.

Homosexual marriage is not Federally allowed and, although other reasons have been brought up, the reason mainly comes from the Bible. In fact, it comes from one line in the Bible. Keep in mind, there’s a story where Jesus met herders on a road outside of a village who were possessed by demons and he put them into the bodies of a herd of pigs and sent them to drown in the ocean and it’s told thrice in the Bible. But anyways, the vilification caused by this is detrimental across the board. It propagates and allows hate speech on homosexuals. It treats them as outcasts of the laws. It tells teenagers who are gay, transgender, etc. that if they come out of the closet, they will live a life of bigots hating them, conflicts in their workspace and personal life, they will face an ostracization from peers, and this vilification hurts this segment of our population, completely vulnerable to fight back, to the point where many of them seek suicide.

Christianity tells women that they are only noble if they are mothers or wives. Islam teaches to those who are not Muslim. These religions are completely divisive, tribal, and isolationist- sorry, isolationist only after they brainwash the rest of those around them to the same ideology.

Some will say that there is also a lot that religions do which is positive. Love thy neighbors and honor thy parents will come from left and right, compounded with charities and examples of the love of Jebus Christ. But this is as backward as saying that we should not see a murderer as having wronged because they helped at soup kitchen on the weekend. It’s as wrong as saying that yes, groups of college students have beaten and jumped Muslims in what could only be described as behavior replicating gangs after the events of September Eleventh, but hey, they believe that Christ loves everybody.

Unity is the only cure.

Humanism never teaches hatred. It does not teach to kill or to vilify and it does not lead to a society where homosexuals feel secluded and internally wrong. It does this and teaches good values. From every humanist, I’d like to tell each LGBTQ person, every woman, every atheist, every persecuted minority: for those out there who face the vilification of religions, we stand with you. And for those who do this persecution, we can only help to educate you: there is no Hell we are willing to send you to, let alone, no Hell we would believe you deserve.

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One Response to The Vilification

  1. Nice post, those holy rollers are insane…Take it from another secular humanist…

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