First Gutenberg Debate Conclusion

He didn’t show.

Let this be a record of the cowardly nature of those who will misrepresent, misinform, and miseducate people away from science. How pathetic.

I had my hopes for Neph. The night before the debate, I could barely sleep. It’s amazing that just a simple hour debate on the internet, with somebody who everyone told me wasn’t worth the oxygen he breathed, can give you some anxiety. I literally found myself in classes thinking about what arguments to use and taking a sizeable amount of time to prepare for this debate. The night before, I could not sleep, and in what I can only call a very family-like manner, admins, upon finding me in the room at roughly sunrise, told me to sleep because I needed it. I really appreciated the sentiment. Whilst in the room, I gave a small opinion about the debate, having thought that perhaps I’d like to make a small video of the admins and me chatting about what we think of the debate. I made my opinion clear that I thought that Neph wouldn’t be drunk or oversleep, and I thought that prediction was validated upon waking up at 1PM, logging into the room, and seeing Neph talk in the room. Sadly, at about 2:15, he left.

And didn’t come back.

Perhaps he had a good reason, but as for now, chalk this on up for the scientists. Science: 1; Creationism: 0.

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