The Argument Against Supernaturality

Written by The Star-Splitter

Premise I: That which exists in reality can be defined as anything which has an impact on reality; in terms of physics, that which produces information.

Premise II: A supernatural agent is a being which resides outside the realm of reality.

Conclusion: Any event causes by a supernatural being is observable and impacts reality.

I believe this argument is a way of refuting a lot of the creationist arguments that follow on faith: a deity “guiding” evolution (whatever that means) and a deity speaking with people for instance. Opinions?

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One Response to The Argument Against Supernaturality

  1. ubi dubium says:

    I’ve often put it this way:

    We live in a four-dimensional space-time universe, filled with matter and energy that interact through physical forces. This universe is the only thing that we are able to examine. Anything that is entirely a part of this universe I would consider “natural”. For something to qualify as “supernatural”, it must be, in whole or in part, something else.

    If something supernatural can physically interact with our universe, as you say, we should be able to detect that through physical means. Even if that interaction is only with our minds, we can detect it, or develop ways to do that. If the entity cannot interact with our universe in a tangible way, then I would say that the being is irrelevant to us. I don’t care how many invisible fairies or gods or boogey-men there might be in some other universe or parallel dimension – if they are unable to physically interact with us we can ignore them.

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