Student fails a creationist ‘science’ test


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3 Responses to Student fails a creationist ‘science’ test

  1. Jay McHue says:

    The sad part is that atheists are completely willing to believe this is what is taught in Christian schools, which they’ve conveniently never stepped foot in. Sad. This is what passes for “freethinking?” And we’re supposed to want to be like you?

  2. Ole Haug says:

    Bahahahaha this one is sooo going on facebook 🙂 Hey, in reference to what Mr. Duhamel said, do you know if this was from a secular or a Christian school?

  3. Tom Duhamel says:

    This has to be a joke! Common, the sometimes complicated correct answer is always there, and the correct answer is always the only one that is god-related and not scientific at all. I coudn’t believe any creationism school would get the trouble of writing down the correct complicated scientific answer if that’s not what they want the students to answer.

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