“There are higher states of existence” – Scientology Super Bowl ad

“Imagine science and religion connecting! Imagine technology and spirituality combining!”

Yes, that’s the explicit message of the one-minute ad run by, of all groups, the Church of Scientology during this year’s Super Bowl.

The “higher states of existence” attainable through joining this cult presumably refer to the plush lives led by David Miscavage and other Scientology higher-ups. That, and the cost of running this ad during the Big Game (30-second spots were going for $4 million!) are likely funded by the dosh raked in by Scientology’s phony technology, including “E-meters.“

As Slate reports:

For the second year in a row, Scientology staked out local airtime during the Super Bowl for an ad that quickly became fodder for confused observers on Twitter. The ad’s tranquil sights and aggressive lens flare culminated in a promise of “higher states of existence,” and “creepy” was the general reception. As with last year, the ad appeared limited to some regional urban markets, including New York, and aired later in Washington, D.C. The spot itself has been on Scientology’s YouTube channel since at least Jan. 8.

In 2009, Seth Stevenson wrote in Slate on Scientology and the strange business of making commercials for a religion.

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One Response to “There are higher states of existence” – Scientology Super Bowl ad

  1. We should work to ensure that such advertising comes with the same ‘side effects’ warnings that medical commercials must do. Warning: may cause financial troubles, divorce, social isolation etc.

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