Post-Debate “analysis” from Ken Ham

Broadcast from the Nye-Ham debate stage, Ken and Dr. Georgia Purdom give an informal reaction to the historic Tuesday debate; “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?”

At one point in this video, Creationist Ken Ham compares Bill Nye to “Eve” for offering fruit from ‘Tree of Knowledge’.

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4 Responses to Post-Debate “analysis” from Ken Ham

  1. Well, that was expected… they know they are right and that Nye guy was just a big meanie.

  2. atatakaidan says:

    Mr. Ham. Have you no decency to your ethical model of living? You said your debate may have had as many as 16-million viewers, more than the Super Bowl. Did you ever check out how many watched the Super Bowl? Here it is just for you – it took me about 30 seconds to find this – maybe half a minute is too long a time for you to bother?

    Viewers of Debate – as many as 16-million
    Viewers of Super Bowl – 111.7 million

    Sorry, but the last I checked, 111.7 million trumps 16-million.

    Your other issue was claiming that the creation of the universe had a witness. God, you claimed was that witness. First, according to the story from your own faith-based belief, God was not a witness, but the instigator of the creation of the Universe, right?

    Second issue. Given you have offered absolutely nothing of an empirical form of evidence for the existence of God (given that religions which are based on theistic concepts) you must be basing your claim about God being this divine witness from a faith-based belief – NOT facts. Another bit about this is that, when it comes to human eye witnesses, the legal system does not rely upon eye witnesses, unless they are actually trained in being a professional observer. The old classroom experiment of having 35 students in a classroom when someone dressed up with mask, etc., attempting to rob the teacher with a gun, almost all 35 students had different perceptions of who the person was, what happened, what kind of weapon was used, or what he said.

    Please try being truthful and stop making up nonsense false claims as you did. Stop feeding your ego for a change. You push people AWAY from your Christian faith; not bringing them TO it.

    • David Howe says:

      Ken Ham said that the “Super Bowl was Live Streamed on YouTube, and that the debate had more views on YouTube then did that”… I think you misunderstood what he said. watch it again if you’d like, he states it within the first couple minutes.

      And Ken Ham is not “Driving people away from the Christian faith”… Ken Ham states that the Bible IS God’s word. That God means what He said. And that His Truth stands. People who take what they want, and leave the rest in the Bible, are the ones that “Drive people from the Christian faith”.

      • Dan Anderson says:

        Mr. Ham is NOT pushing people away? When he denies empirical evidence, pooh poohing it as if it means nothing because HIS interpretation of the bible contradicts what the facts state. Examples of that are things like the young earth creation hypothesis, dinosaurs and humans living in harmony with carnivores all being vegetarian before “the fall.”

        If a person wants to believe that the sky is pink with purple polka dots, who am I to say they are wrong. That is their belief and perception, but as Mr. Nye said, don’t DEMAND that children believe in your fantasy, but to teach them critical thinking skills, have them learn math and science, and let them discover the world by being open-minded and eager to learn.

        About the Bible being God’s word, that is the Christian perspective. The Torah and Tanach are the words of God as well for the Jews. The Qur’an is, according to Islamic faith, from the God of Abraham. The Baghavad Gita and other vedic teachings are believed to be “the Word of God” as well. Who is right? Is it not possible that, given how God may be omniscient, omnipotent, etc., that God gave “His Word” in different wordings so that different cultures could understand God’s teachings? Remember, the basic teachings of EVERY major theistic religion are pretty much identical. Yes, the “doingness” practices are different, but the actual ethical/moral teachings are identical.

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