Islamic Logic!


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One Response to Islamic Logic!

  1. Ayisha says:

    Is it logic that in the western culture a man is expected to have one wife, but then most of the succesful men have mistresses, mistresses that have no legal right what so ever? In Islam when a man marries a woman he has to provide for her 100%, along with all the rights he has to give her and of he choses to marry more than one woman, he had to give 100% equal rights, which is nearly impossible. How is that for logic? Now let’s look at other logical factor: there are more women than men. Men have been given this permission in order to give women the dignity of being someone’s wife, than being public property! And no, a women who has more than one husband is not whore, it’s simply not permissible in Islam. I believe that even according to the western standards, if a woman has more than one boyfriend is in fact a whore and man who has more than one girlfriend is considered complete asshole…? Don’t compare the sacredness of marriage with that and by the way, in Islam marriage a contract in which all the parties have to abide by.

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